What We NEED In Fortnite Season 4... (or else) 

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What Fortnite Season 4 NEEDS To Be Good... (or else)
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Thumbnail inspired by @SypherPK
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I hope you guys enjoy this Fortnite funny moments gameplay video! Today, we
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26 aug 2020



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Kiwiz 5 månader sedan
noti gang = the GREATEST
Xyro 5 månader sedan
Your amazing stay blessed, stay safe and have a wonderful rest of your day!😇 :) My dream is to hit 1k, unfortunately I’ve been struggling to get there😖 I’m just tryna help my family❤️
subbing to everyone who subs to me w notis
subbing to everyone who subs to me w notis
"Don't lie who's been a *FAN* of *'Kiwiz'* before August??⛅️" ''(ʀᴇᴀᴅ ᴍʏ ɴᴀᴍᴇ)💙"
Omar Ashraf
Omar Ashraf 5 månader sedan
naziaknasim 5 månader sedan
Kiwiz noti gang on top
Camzdot 4 månader sedan
The way kiwiz is getting annoyed about comp when he doesn’t even play comp
WATIS1UP 4 månader sedan
Who else remembers quadcrashers??? And hoverboards
Mati C
Mati C 4 månader sedan
TbOnE 4 månader sedan
He trying to be like that pk guy
Drizzy 5 månader sedan
we literally have to aim with sticks and like an half an inch of space
Drizzy 5 månader sedan
this controller aim assist thing is getting out of hand its just so much harder to hit our shots compared to chapter season 1
Visions 5 månader sedan
Ummm remove crash pads with shadow bombs??? Are you sure because BOUNCE PADS Exist
SavageKitty 801
SavageKitty 801 5 månader sedan
SA servers need to come dude we play on 200 ping constant dude, like if u think 60 ping is bad, ur crazy bro
DIO 5 månader sedan
That thumbnail looks like SypherPKs one 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣bruuhhh
Hoodie Boi
Hoodie Boi 5 månader sedan
Add lazy link
Hoodie Boi
Hoodie Boi 5 månader sedan
Golf cart
Maria Antunes
Maria Antunes 5 månader sedan
They should add back the launch pads and quad launchers
tofu-tommy 5 månader sedan
Kiwiz literally copied SypherPK's thumbnail 😂😂😂
Kayden Ayala
Kayden Ayala 5 månader sedan
Crash pads are op what u talking ab
Shatora Snead
Shatora Snead 5 månader sedan
I like the bot things they got give me my stink bombs I love stinks I like to grief ppl wit it
Josh Darrow
Josh Darrow 5 månader sedan
They should make a trading systems with skins and everything
PAULEE on mobile
PAULEE on mobile 5 månader sedan
His thumbnail is sypherpks
The Galaxy God
The Galaxy God 5 månader sedan
im stuck in season 3 :(
UrAverageMonkii 5 månader sedan
Threat 5 månader sedan
Totally agree with this list
Shiff 5 månader sedan
Bro crash pads are fun😡
dexon69hz 5 månader sedan
We have bouncers
okurrr okurr
okurrr okurr 5 månader sedan
My favourite thing on his list is the constant zonewars
BerryFN 5 månader sedan
I want african servers
Adiel Yebra-Higuera
Adiel Yebra-Higuera 5 månader sedan
Lmao Rn the Loophole is great asf Just epic should've Had a lil more mobility And Buffs to some weapons and bring back some more weapons to call it the best season yet but this one is close to being the best season yet😂
E M E R A L D 5 månader sedan
To the person reading this: your a very intelligent and adorable human! Stay healthy during quarantine.
Hijackcollins 5 månader sedan
Kiwiz Is trying so hard to be Sypher PK
Bryce LOL • 69 years ago
Him: Map changes Fortnite: A bunch of dead robots on the ground
JulianFlims 28
JulianFlims 28 5 månader sedan
Who is watching when the pump is back
Danielfoxo99 5 månader sedan
MacDonald Trump Joketrex.
MacDonald Trump Joketrex. 5 månader sedan
Pumps are back, and that's enough for me to get back to Fortnite.
Miichaeljr 5 månader sedan
love the content love from Florida
XtiinctFN 5 månader sedan
I’m in Hawai’i 60-150 ping
jared reyes
jared reyes 5 månader sedan
And he missed a llama
jared reyes
jared reyes 5 månader sedan
I know right
LC_Snipa 5 månader sedan
Skyler McMillian
Skyler McMillian 5 månader sedan
I like fortnite being at 100 players bc u will get more lag
Osu Pat
Osu Pat 5 månader sedan
nolimitsnobraincells lol
nolimitsnobraincells lol 5 månader sedan
SypherPK V2
Alaktib 5 månader sedan
Who else is watching when season 4 is in the game.
Flickzxz 5 månader sedan
The pumps is back what
Ivan Govender
Ivan Govender 5 månader sedan
Kiwiz has 60 ping and he thinks thats bad I am in douty afruca and habe minimum 300 ping maximum 1000 pung
TT9 Blur
TT9 Blur 5 månader sedan
Whoever reads this I want you to know your loved 🥰 Your career about and whenever times a tough there will be light at the end 🥺 Keep your head ups kings and queens 👑 Please all stay safe during this‼️☺️ If you ever need to talk to someone you know where I am🙂 The good thing is I’m not a bot comment I’ve taken time to write this🎃 Because for all you people who get put down by haters 😿 Remember this don’t listen to the haters focus on what you love doing🥰 You’ll get there I promise 🍀 I hope your all doing well and I hope you have an amazing day 🎄 Remember keep your head up and stay safe whoever is still reading this Remember me when your famous 🌝 I’m not asking for subs and likes all I want is for everyone to be happy 🍄 Have a wonderful day everyone god bless 🧖 I don’t know how to prove I’m not a bot it’s me blur but I reply asap I hope you all have an amazing day
master pineapple productions
Keelan Linnane
Keelan Linnane 5 månader sedan
If there is a 150 players there will be like 20 people every place
xeqnos 5 månader sedan
does kiwiz not know that they patched the flying with the quad crasher like you can aim up with it
Eyo Jakeas
Eyo Jakeas 5 månader sedan
Yes I agree
King Kelsius
King Kelsius 5 månader sedan
Imagine copying syphers thumbnail.
Somya GUPTA 5 månader sedan
Kiwis just copied the thumbnail of sypher pk
Emveeways 5 månader sedan
For me to enjoy season 4, Fortnite needs to.... TAKE OFF THE DISCOUNT SO I CAN PLAY 😭 (I’m a mobile player)
Geztn For Outcast
Geztn For Outcast 5 månader sedan
Kiwiz: I Hate crash pads Me: You have crash pads in your inventory .-.
Jace 5 månader sedan
I watch during my lunch breaks all the time
Wavymo 5 månader sedan
Sa servers
Darius M
Darius M 5 månader sedan
Kiwis: I want florida servers bc 60 ping is unplayable South African Players that qual for tournaments on 120 - 200 ping: Lol ok
Alanna Otoole
Alanna Otoole 5 månader sedan
Pov ur looking for the comments saying he is copying sypher pk.
Arcadesic 5 månader sedan
Great video! I'm a mobile player and I'm cracked btw...
Jester X
Jester X 5 månader sedan
i agree about this espesilly with the map im playing so much creative to have fun so a new map will make me play more comp and pubs
FR G0a7
FR G0a7 5 månader sedan
Season 4 does not suck
So Funny173
So Funny173 5 månader sedan
Kiwiz: tha fu..... rough cut
So Funny173
So Funny173 5 månader sedan
Kiwis: I don’t want crash pass Kiwiz 10 minutes later: I need crash pads
blah blah Toasty
blah blah Toasty 5 månader sedan
You cant fly in the quads anymore :(
Jacob Ott
Jacob Ott 5 månader sedan
Lama you missed it
Valle nordh
Valle nordh 5 månader sedan
Fortnite is so booring now
osman Ishaq
osman Ishaq 5 månader sedan
Can I have a free battle pass giveaway
Dylan Frankel
Dylan Frankel 5 månader sedan
Stop complaining about ping just get good people take flea seriously he’s actually on 60 ping
Max Gammage
Max Gammage 5 månader sedan
Ya 60 ping in Florida is so anoying sometimes i play 115 ping
Leela iOS
Leela iOS 5 månader sedan
They have all this skins and they shoulda ever diff POI ice, fire, grass....
Jackson Coggin
Jackson Coggin 5 månader sedan
All I wanted was a combat shotgun and I got that
OC Crxnkr
OC Crxnkr 5 månader sedan
60 ping is bad. Come to S.A
Hopapoe 5 månader sedan
You ask for way to much fortnite did half the things that you mentioned in your video just shut up and be grateful that fortnite has blessed you with some sort of content because god know your Chanel needs it
switzie 5 månader sedan
Everybody he copied sypherpk. He is a poser.
Hala 5 månader sedan
Support A Creator : ( ha ) “̯
FLEXI FN 5 månader sedan
9:33 i would like South African server 😢
Sapan Sedhai
Sapan Sedhai 5 månader sedan
I was
Charlie France
Charlie France 5 månader sedan
they should make like a lobby’s for trickshoters or like lobby’s for good ltms
Sidney Lee
Sidney Lee 5 månader sedan
Now who didnt like
Reverse Shot
Reverse Shot 5 månader sedan
Dude I absolutely hate Maruders!!! This one time I was going to win my second division 6 win but then, a random heavy maruder starts shooting at me through a wall!!! Then I killed him... Until another murader stinks me and I came 2 place I was furious.
Xeno 5 månader sedan
I’m from South Africa 🇿🇦 and on 160 ping and I wish for 100 ping 😅😂
MyZ Holy
MyZ Holy 5 månader sedan
copied the thumbnail from sypherpk
naziaknasim 5 månader sedan
Heitor Estevao
Heitor Estevao 5 månader sedan
I dissagree with this Whois vídeo 🤣🤣
Clash With Daragh
Clash With Daragh 5 månader sedan
if there is going to be mythic items next season here are a few I would like: 1) Mythic Pump Shotgun...will probably be the most OP weapon ever in fortnite. 2) Mythic Tactical Shotgun...i would like this more than the Mythic Pump as well I prefer it more % it wont be as OP. 3) Mythic Sniper Rifle...maybe the Mythic Sniper has 2 rounds of ammo not the regular 1 bullet then reload this could be extreamely OP though. 4) Mythic Infantry Rifle...personal favorite gun would love to be mythic. 5) Mythic SMG...just why not 6) Mythic Jet Pack...would be fun I think. As you use it it would recharge slowly overtime with not infinite flight. 7) Mythic Rift To Go!!!How could would it be to have a Mythic Rift To Go! Infinite use like the Chug Jug but has a coodown of....a minute? two minutes?
Joel Price
Joel Price 5 månader sedan
Copying syphers vid i guess
Psycho. 5 månader sedan
How he cap his frames at 177???
Diverse Sparcz
Diverse Sparcz 5 månader sedan
I've lost 300 arena points to marauders
YTstackz 5 månader sedan
the game is fine its just sbmm
Fuolku 5 månader sedan
we got the pump and combat
aqwed zxc
aqwed zxc 5 månader sedan
I quit my work because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Makaveli Seck
Makaveli Seck 5 månader sedan
He said he would rather phase but in his last videos he was winging about it lol
astro stackz
astro stackz 5 månader sedan
Ik right when I was playing the free fortnite cup I killed the three guys who were fighting and then maruaders came in to my box and a shark and killed me
George says hi
George says hi 5 månader sedan
Kiwiz Posts We want this to get added to the season 2 minutes ago SEASON 4 IS HERE If you pressed read more God bless you and have A good happy long life :)
astro stackz
astro stackz 5 månader sedan
Why weren't you taking any of the SMG's
Its YaBoiJuJu
Its YaBoiJuJu 5 månader sedan
I’m not dropping a like
Why Gaming
Why Gaming 5 månader sedan
There is pump combat and charge
exo _
exo _ 5 månader sedan
i wish they brought back the old map
Slurp Studios
Slurp Studios 5 månader sedan
iOS is disgusting there’s no squads no ltms and no battle pass and it’s season 0
VaultedKryptik 5 månader sedan
Early yeet
Sphinx Plays
Sphinx Plays 5 månader sedan
9:38 you play on 20-60 ping and rarley get 100+ unless someone is uploading, what about north and south africa, I live in Egypt and I get 100 ping average, alot of people are in africa, egypt has a population of 100Million, thats just in EGYPT, alot of people play in africa and they are dreaming of the day they can play on a stable 50 ping, I think if fortnite add north and south african servers they will probably add florida servers or make na servers better so florida players play on 0 ping
ღ꧁༺alex༻꧂ღ 5 månader sedan
Boys season 4 is the best season if ykyk bro trust me pumps combat are back boogie bombs traps port a fort and scoped ars new fishes dude it's insane
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